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Understanding If Faith Based Institutions NEED

USDE CHEA Approved Accreditation

  • The USDE makes the point; "It should be noted that some institutions have chosen not to participate in the federal student aid program (Title IV Funds) and therefore do not have to be approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the USDE Department. While these institutions do not appear on the USDE’s Department list, they may be legitimate schools."
  • A USDE CHEA recognized accrediting agency the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) executive director stated that "There are hundreds of Bible Colleges and Seminaries in the United States and Canada that are offering good solid theological training, yet they are not  This would be the case with our Affiliate institutions that take advantage of the programs and services that we offer."
  • CHEA states;"There are institutions that may not be accredited but are not degree mills. For example, the institution may be seeking accreditation, but the process is not complete. Or a legitimate institution may choose not to be accredited for reasons that do not relate to quality."
    • Legitimate reasons that do not relate to quality which explain why Faith Based institutions’ do not seek USDE CHEA accreditation: 
  1. They do not want to yield higher Biblical authority to government authority. This includes the requirement to create total separation of boards with no members or board members serving on each corporation, which removes the church’s authority over, finances, curriculum, professors and doctrinal purity.
  2. They are concerned that accepting US or State government funds leads to "whoever pays the piper has the right to call the tune." This allows government to have requirements that violate God's Faith Based principles in the Bible.
  3. They consider a $1,000,000.00 USDE CHEA accreditation unearned tuition, teach out reserves fund requirement as not cost effective.
  4. They know that Government funds have and continue producing students with massive amounts of student loan debt.
  5. They know the CPCA encourages CPCA institutions to avoid US government funding and students to avoid the student loan debt trap.