The CPCA as a voluntary membership organization has its historical roots in the work done by founder Dr. Earle E. Lee, and others in the early 1980s. Their efforts were a response to leaders of degree granting faith-based institutions in the USA seeking an educational association to fulfill the need for a legitimate certification agency with academic standards comparable to legitimate accreditation. The Council of Private Colleges of America is officially incorporated as a Florida non-profit corporation. The CPCA outreach continues to this day.

The CPCA is currently the only academic association with a legitimate certification process of educational standards comparable to legitimate USDE accrediting agencies. The CPCA legitimate standards exclude ALL government funds and USDE Title IV Funds too. CPCA legitimate certification simplifies the peer review process without weakening historically honored educational standards. The CPCA process recognizes faith based principles of operation which includes faith based economic principles.

The CPCA and its member institutions understand that faith-based institutions receiving the Federal Government Title IV Funds, or individual State government funding in the USA are subject to the demands tied to such funding. Logically, “Whoever pays the piper has a right to call the tune.” The CPCA certification process provides a standard for academic excellence that proudly distinguishes its members from the accreditation mills, not recognized by the USDE, that mislead the education consumer. This is especially important for faith-based institutions that do not wish to take government funding (excluding VA benefits which are considered earned benefits by the veteran). Faith-based institutions having already attained USDE recognized accreditation are encouraged to consider the additional benefits of seeking CPCA certification which requires CPCA membership fees but CPCA certification is awarded concurrent with USDE recognized accreditation with no CPCA certification fees.

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"When we need sound advice regarding academics, legislation,  or how to correctly respond to an issue we are facing Dr. Lee is there. With his wealth of knowledge and experience   he is ready to assist and he always give us the best advice.”

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