CPCA Membership

CPCA Membership is for Faith Based institutions that provide academic excellence standards in US states excluding Florida, and other countries.


CPCA SUSTAINING Member achieved their CPCA SUSTAINING Member requirements at www.cpca-edu.us which include:

  1. not taking government funds in the USA excluding:
    • having VA benefits in the USA, or
    • having USDE recognized accreditation.
  2. 2. having THREE or more of the following qualifiers:
    • incorporated or,
    • a ministry of an incorporated entity or,
    • in the USA under a church with IRS letter recognizing them as a church for contributions or,
    • licensed or,
    • exempt from licensure or,
    • other state or country comparability’s may be accepted with CPCA approval.
    • and


  1. being in compliance with the standards, requirements, and fees of the CPCA at www.cpca-edu.us for CPCA SUSTAINING Member
  2. conforming to CPCA disclosure restrictions relative to the plethora of non-recognized by USDE CHEA accreditation mills

This institution has achieved the qualifications for the CPCA SUSTAINING Member standards of excellence on www.cpca-edu.us.

All CPCA SUSTAINING Member institutions will now advance to the certification process with the CPCA Certification Commission at the CANDIDATE APPLICANT level, see https://www.cpca-commission.org