The Council of Private Colleges of America (CPCA) is for Faith Based institutions that provide academic excellence standards that operates in states other than Florida and countries where verifiable.
The CPCA is for Faith Based institution members that do not take government funds in the USA, excluding member institutions with USDE CHEA recognized accreditation.
CPCA Faith Based member institutions that operate in the USA are required to have THREE or more of the following;

  1. incorporated or,
  2. a ministry of an incorporated entity or,
  3. with an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number letter, or
  4. with an IRS 501 (c) (3) Recognition of Tax-Exempt Status letter, or
  5. licensed or,
  6. exempt from licensure or,
  7. CPCA SUSTAINING Member with USDE CHEA recognized accreditation.

The CPCA has a proven track record that promotes its purpose and mission mottoes of “Keeping the Lord’s testimony above reproach,”, and “United We Stand, Divided Individually We Can Be Conquered.”

The CPCA welcomes Faith Based institutions to consider the benefits of CPCA membership. The CPCA Membership approval is determined by an action of the CPCA.


  • The CPCA has gone totally VIRTUAL in 2018. A CPCA Cloud Account for all institutions is included with your membership. This Major improvement will maintain the longevity and integrity of the CPCA’s future for you.
  • Prospective CPCA member institutions will receive a CPCA Cloud Account. The CPCA will put the required CPCA 700 Annual Contract Form, as a PDF Fillable forms in your CPCA Cloud Account.
  • Contact CPCA by clicking on the button below and put in your request in the message box, (Example: Send me my CPCA Cloud Account with membership forms. Thank you.)
  • NEVER FEAR the CPCA guarantees your achievement of VIRTUAL SUCCESS in your Virtual CPCA CLOUD Account