CPCA Mission

To promote quality, degree granting, faith-based education that “Keeps the Lord’s testimony above reproach.” This includes the USA and, where it is feasible to do so, internationally in other countries.

To provide certification of members, through quality peer review comparable to recognized USDE approved accrediting agency standards, but without the massive regulations associated with US Title IV Funding compliance. CPCA standards equal or exceed the minimum standards of many State Departments of Education.

To provide experienced, educational, quality peer review of the following: faculty, academic curriculum, course development, web site, distance learning processes, campus operations, catalogs, brochures, advertisements, application forms, financial information, and student records and transcripts.

To protect the historic constitutional right of member faith-based institutions to grant degrees without government interference.

To represent member faith-based educational institutions before any government and/or educational agency.

To require affirmation of compliance with the academic excellence standards of the CPCA patterned after America’s early historical educational institutions of higher learning.

To provide member institutions with joint legal representation for religious freedom issues that support the mission and purpose of the CPCA.

To provide for an annual CPCA Christian Education Conference for its members and similar CPCA approved organizations such as the Florida Council of Private Colleges.

To provide direction with CPCA Facilitators: through knowledge of support services and resources for member institutions to accomplish their individual purpose and mission.

To provide support and leadership, that develops other independent self-supporting, organizations such as the Florida Council of Private Colleges.